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Community Groups

Community Groups are where we engage, equip, and empower homes for gospel transformation. They are simple gatherings that meet in homes to develop friendships, talk about life, apply God’s word, and pray together.

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Groups across the city

Meeting each day of the week. Contact us for more information about Community Groups.

Planning Center is simply the tool we use to communicate about our Community Groups. Here you will find when and where groups meet. We encourage you to try out a group or several groups to find where God is leading you to plug in.


True church membership is about much more than signing on a dotted line or being added to a role sheet. It’s about committing yourself to a spiritual family that is united in belief, purpose and mission. We have a common belief about God and His word. We are also united in values, which stem from our theology and God-given vision. This kind of unity and commitment bring order to the church, while propelling our mission.

Becoming a member of Crossings Community Church begins with attending a Membership Class. This class gives you an opportunity to hear from, and dialogue with, the pastoral leadership of Crossings. Then your next step is to meet with an elder for what we call ‘Elder Coffee.’ In this meeting, we get to hear your story and you get to ask any remaining questions you might have.

To attend the next Membership Class, check the appropriate box in the contact form below.

Why Membership?

Why Membership?

Why do I need to be a member of the church if I come every Sunday? What benefit does it really bring?

What is Membership?

What is Membership?

What does Biblical membership look like? What specific qualities make up a “good” church member?

Statement of Faith

Statement of Faith

What we believe about the the Scriptures, the Trinity, the Believer, Salvation and so much more.



We see a church that forces the subjectivity and relativity of the world to collide with the objectivity of Biblical truth.

How can we help you connect?

Send us a message. We want to hear from you.

Crossings Community Church meets together for worship, giving, prayer and teaching each Sunday @ Seven Lakes Junior High, 10:40 am. During the week, families have time to connect and grow in their faith through Community Groups.

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